Charles E. and Eleanore Wilson Scholarship Fund

Awarded to currently enrolled undergraduate student with a declared interest or major in Actuarial Science or Statistics.

*Incoming students will be reviewed by the department based on High School information and test scores. *

A 3.5 GPA at the UI is required. The student must be seeking their first undergraduate degree, maintain full-time (12+ hours) enrollment at The University of Iowa, and must demonstrate financial need through completing a FAFSA.

Up to $15,000
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. List Advanced Placement Courses and scores.
  2. Please provide a profile of your school and community activities, offices held, honors awarded, and years of participation. Organize it into the following categories: Art/Music; Athletics/Dance; Debate/Dramatics; Publications; Student Government; Community Programs; Extracurricular Academic Experiences; Jobs; Volunteer Work; Other Circumstances of Interest to the Committee; Honors/Awards (for activities not listed).
  3. List all SOA exams passed, along with score(s).
  4. Please provide a resume that describes your academic accomplishments ( research, awards, involvement in organizations, etc.)
  5. Academic Record Consent

    I understand by checking this box I provide the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences permission to include my academic record with my scholarship application. I certify that the above knowledge is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
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