Hogan Family Scholarship

Awarded to a currently enrolled undergraduate student in the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, with at least 60 hours of earned college credit, majoring in History, English, or Writer’s Workshop (awarded to one major each year on a rotating basis). Student must be seeking their first undergraduate degree, be enrolled full-time, have a minimum UI gpa of 3.33 and demonstrate financial need through completing the FAFSA.

2019-2020 Major in English, 2020-2021 Writer’s Workshop (graduate student); 2021-2022 Major in History


Up to $1,500
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Supplemental Questions
  1. Write a short essay that describes how your University of Iowa academic experiences have impacted your educational and career goals.
  2. Please provide the name and email addresses for two individuals who can provide a recommendation. Make sure you have the full name and correct University of Iowa e-mail address for each recommendation submitted on your behalf. All references must be faculty at The University of Iowa. While the system will not stop you from listing a Teaching Assistant, or other individuals, the committee will not consider these individuals during the CLAS Scholarship review process.

    Once the reference name and email address is entered and you click “Save and Keep Editing” or “Finish and Submit”, an e-mail will be automatically sent to the individuals completing your recommendation. That e-mail will contain the correct information on how to complete the recommendation form.


    • If you use the same reference for multiple CLAS scholarships, they will only be requested to submit one recommendation as long as you select the reference from the drop down list, rather than typing in the name again.

    • Individuals will be asked to answer three (3) questions about your academic performance and they will not be able to upload a letter of recommendation.

    • Applicants are not able to view the information submitted by the reference.

    • If you decide to change references after an email has already been sent to the original reference, please contact the faculty member and inform him/her that the recommendation is no longer needed.
    • Provide Name and UIowa Email Address
  3. Academic Record Consent

    I understand by checking this box I provide the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences permission to include my academic record with my scholarship application. I certify that the above knowledge is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
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