Accounting Department 1st Year (Freshman) Scholarship

$1,000 scholarship to first year (Freshman) students who are interested in Accounting as a major. Scholarship recipients are required to: 1) Register and attend ACCT:1300. This is a Freshman Accounting Seminar offered in the evenings during the fall semester.
2) Attend a luncheon for all first-year scholarship recipients with accounting faculty (date and time will be provided). 3) Attend a continental breakfast where we will introduce you to the members of our Professional Accounting Council (PAC). This is a group of professionals who work in national accounting firms, local/regional accounting firms, industry and government. The PAC advises the Department on curriculum issues and plays a key role in providing internships and job opportunities for our accounting majors (date and time will be provided).
Failure to attend these events (without an excused absence) will put your 1st Year Accounting Scholarship at risk for cancellation.

This scholarship is renewable for a second year provided you (a) maintained a minimum Iowa GPA of 3.5 during the academic year, (b) express a continuing interest in majoring in accounting and © join and participate in the Accounting Club.

College of Business
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please give a brief description of why you've chosen to pursue an accounting degree.
  2. Please provide a telephone number where you may be easily reached.