Accounting Department 1st Year (Freshman) Scholarship

$1,500 scholarship to first year (Freshman) students who are interested in Accounting as a major. Scholarship recipients are required to:

• Complete ACCT:1300 First-Year Seminar, usually offered in the evenings during the fall semester. Students will be administratively enrolled in the course prior to orientation (unless the course is not offered—if the seminar is not offered, students must participate in Accounting Club).
• Attend a continental breakfast where Accounting Department will introduce you to members of its Professional Accounting Council (PAC). This group of professionals, who work in national accounting firms, local/regional accounting firms, industry, and government, advise the Department on curriculum issues and play a key role in providing internships and job opportunities for our accounting majors .
• Send a thank you note—the University will help you determine to whom it should be addressed in early fall.

Failure to meet the requirements (without an excused absence) will put your First-Year Accounting Scholarship at risk for cancellation.

This scholarship may be renewable for a second year provided recipient 1) participates in the Accounting Club, and 2) is on track to be an accounting major as evidenced by registration in ACCT:2100 Introduction to Financial Accounting by fall of second year, and maintenance of a 3.0 University of Iowa GPA.

College of Business
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please give a brief description of why you've chosen to pursue an accounting degree.
  2. Please provide a telephone number where you may be easily reached.