Henry B. Tippie Accounting Scholarship

The Henry B. Tippie Accounting Scholarship is provided through a generous donation from Henry B. Tippie and is awarded to juniors-to-be majoring in accounting at the Henry B. Tippie College of Business. The scholarship is renewable for a recipient’s senior year if the recipient re-applies and continues to meet qualifications. Recipients must have completed their sophomore year at the University of Iowa. Preference for award selections goes to:
1) graduates of Belle Plaine, IA, Community Schools; 2) graduates of any other Benton County, IA, high school; 3) eligible graduates of other Iowa high schools. Criteria in order of priority are: a) desire for accounting major; b) student financial need; c) grades; d) other criteria which the committee may deem feasible. Priority will be given to those students desiring to major in accounting and with financial need, as contrasted to grades at all times. Please note: a student attending the University of Iowa that is a recipient of the Henry B. Tippie University of Iowa Four-Year Scholarship awarded to graduates of the Belle Plaine Community Schools is ineligible for this accounting scholarship (a student cannot have two Tippie scholarships at one time). Students who have already received a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa or who are working toward a Master’s degree are not eligible. Children of University faculty, officers, State Board of Regents and University employees are ineligible. The scholarship is non-transferable.

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