Robert F. Ray Staff Scholarship

The Robert F. Ray scholarship fund has been established in honor of the late Robert F. Ray, former dean of The University of Iowa Division of Continuing Education. The Fund provides support to University of Iowa staff members who wish to begin or continue their undergraduate education at The University of Iowa.

“Award Amount:” $2000

“Minimum Requirements:” Applicants must be employed by The University of Iowa at least half-time, for not less than one year from the date of application, in a position classified as Office and Clerical, Service, Technical, or Professional and Scientific; and must remain employed during the period of the scholarship.

  • This award can only be applied toward undergraduate coursework for an applicant’s first bachelor’s degree.
  • The award must be reimbursed if the student does not complete the course or drops prior to the deadline for tuition refund.
  • Students must not be receiving tuition reimbursement or other grants (with the exception of staff tuition grants) in order to be considered. Students with loans, however, are still eligible.
  • The recipient of this award may use the entire scholarship in one semester or choose to spread it across all three semesters for the upcoming academic year (Fall – Summer).


“Number of Scholarships Available:” One recipient each academic year

“Deadline:” June 1

Distance and Online Education
Supplemental Questions
  1. Personal Statement: Please share with the committee what the award would mean for you, your educational or personal goals, what education means to you, or any other information you would like to share. (Word limit of 500)